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The world approaching Year ZERO

This article was posted on Nov.29, 2011 on Excite telephone fortune telling service.

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2011 is just months away, and the year 2012(Year ZERO), widely rumored to be the end of the world, is fast approaching.
Why do we hear this rumor, and what really, is going to happen?

On December 22, 2012, the Mayan cycle of 5012years will complete. Some scholars believe that this indicates the end of the world.
But Mayan scholar Miloq has a different opinion.
“To ancient Mayans, the number zero was more of a symbol of mathematical action, ‘carrying’, rather than ‘nothingness’.” She explains.

-The world will be carried to the next level, and people’s minds will start to change.

What does it mean that the world will be ‘carried’?
Miloq explains that change will happen within people’s minds. Materialism may collapse. People will once again be able to understand the wisdom of mankind that is embedded into arts and myths. As a result, mankind will once again be able to sense the unity of love and nature.

-The key of the year is ‘earth’ and ‘northeast’

In 2011, everyone will be affected by the guardian Jaguar. The anger of the Jaguar, the goddess of earth, will shake the land and cause earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and territorial conflicts.
It is best to find amicable solutions to any problems involving land and earth in order to avoid the Jaguar’s wrath.

In the heavens, there are frequent movements in the northeast. Throughout 2011, a trip northeast may bring about good inspirations.

-The world will experience peace from April to August

Until March, time is guarded by ardent guardians, such as Wind and Eagle. Activities involving change and gambling should be done before March. Activities needing steadiness, such as moving and buying houses should be done from April to August.

-Japanese politic will experience a hard year

Naoto Kan and Ichiro Ozawa are both members of the Alligator clan. This clan is strongly influenced by the trend. During hard times, the members of this clan tend to wane. The only ones who can help are the members of the Jaguars. If a strong Jaguar comes into the political scene, both economy and politic may make a better turn. We can only hope…

It continues to "Message from the Mayans: We can still hope"

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