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  • 2018.04.13 Friday
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Message from the Mayans: We can still hope

This article is the translation of Excite Koneta posted on 31.Mar.2011

Miloq, a fortune teller who has correctly foretold the results of sports games, fortune of various TV stars, and recent disasters, sends a message to the public that, despite the many devastating events taking place in the world, we can still hope for a good future.

Q: According to the Mayan calendar which you used to foretell the recent events, what should we expect in the near future?

A: As I mentioned in the previous article predicting the world after February 22, 2011 (“The world approaching Year ZERO”, there are many prophecies in the Mayan myths.

The Jaguar goddess, or Balam, is also the goddess of mother earth. When mankind makes her angry, she shakes herself and weeps. Balam is protected by the gods of the underworld, Bolontiku, whom represents the number 9.
Right after the Mayan new year (February 22, 2011), the guardian of the time switched to Jaguar.
According to Chilam Balam, when Bolontiku comes, the skies burned and people wept.
Right now, Bolontiku has come, and Balam is weeping.

(Nine Lords of the Night, who ruled over the nighttime hours called Bolontiku)
A myth that is passed down through Mayan elders says, “If people ignore the anger of Mother Earth, there will be a dangerous explosion.”
I think this a prophecy of a volcanic eruption.

Q: So, should we be prepared for more danger?

A: There is no need to overreact, but it is better to be prepared.

The good news is that according to the Mayan calendar, we can expect the world to be relatively calm from early April to August.
I have a feeling that people’s mind is starting to change, and the chain of giving and helping will bring about calmness on earth, at least for a while.
During this time, the Road(Eb) clan will bring about hope. As people struggle to recover from disasters, the Road clan can heal and give consolation to many people.
(You can check the clan you belong to here:
⇒ )*currently available in Japanese only)

Q: Please give the readers your message

A: The Mayan prophecy is a warning to mankind. It is said in the myths that if people redeem worship and gratitude towards the many gifts the nature offers us, we will be given hope and relief.

Give those who lost hope, your smile and love. To those who are lost in life, give them your goodwill. Let us all support each other through the rougher times.


(Fortune teller Miloq is one of the leading Japanese scholars of Mayan calendar and myth. For years she has studied documents by K.Johnson and others, and built up her own theories of how Mayan calendar foretell our destiny. She specializes in telling fortunes using various ancient theories. )

I am very pleased with this chance to introduce this essay in English.
The Maya calender has a miracle power for changing the energy of potential consciousness of mankind.  and, I am the witness of the miracle!!
Pray for Japan
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